Returning to Dance Safely during COVID-19

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Like many other businesses, the spread of COVID-19 forced our studio to close its doors in March. Though our teachers and students worked hard for many months to continue their dancing online, there is nothing that compares to being in the studio, dancing together. This is why we are so excited to finally be able to invite our dancers to return to the studio. 

As we prepare to re-open our doors on September 10th, it is of utmost importance to the staff at MALSD that both parents and students feel safe returning to dance. Here is what we are doing to give our valued families peace of mind: 

Classes will be conducted keeping social distancing in mind. Our barres and floors are already marked to ensure that students can stay a safe distance from one another while participating in class. We have also reduced our class sizes so that students in all of our studios will have enough room to dance, while remaining six feet a part. 

A clean environment is our top priority. Any equipment used in classes will be disinfected immediately after class, reducing the spread of germs between students using the same materials. All students will be provided with mats for any floorwork, which will be disinfected after each use. Additionally, students will be provided with hand sanitizer to use before entering each class, and our studio will be cleaned each night after classes are complete. 

Masks will be mandatory when entering. Though students will be allowed to remove their masks when dancing, they will be asked to wear masks any time they are outside of the studios, including the hallways and washrooms. Our dressing rooms and waiting room will be closed so that students can go directly to class with all of their belongings. 

Students who feel ill are asked to stay home. If your child isn’t feeling well or has been exposed to COVID-19, we kindly ask that they remain at home. We will be offering all of our classes via Zoom to ensure that your child can still participate in class while ensuring that all students remain safe. 

Though things will be a bit different this fall, our passion for teaching our students remains the same. We hope that our MALSD families will work together with us to ensure that all students can return to dance while staying safe and healthy.  

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