The Positive Impacts of Dance, Beyond Just Technique

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When you sign your child up for dance, you likely have a few things that you expect they will learn. You might expect them to become more flexible, to learn proper technique, or to become a great performer on stage. However, enrolling your child in dance provides them with skills far beyond these – skills that, oftentimes, equip dancers to succeed in the world outside of the studio. 

Your dancer will learn focus. Being in a dance class requires students to give their complete attention to their instructor and their fellow classmates. Dancers learn to follow directions, and to use corrections to make themselves the best they can be. 

Your dancer will become a team player. Though dancers will occasionally do a solo, more often than not, dance is a team sport. Your dancer will learn how to be a reliable member of a team, and to work hard with a group to reach their goals. Dancers will create connections and bonds with their teammates, giving them friendships that they can depend on inside and outside of the studio.

Your dancer will learn to set and reach goals. In dance, there is always room to improve and learn more. Dancers are constantly setting new goals, and have to work tirelessly to achieve these. Dancers learn to challenge themselves, and begin to understand how to channel their setbacks into motivation to continue trying. 

Lastly, your dancer will learn about commitment. The time and work that is needed to become a well-trained dancer requires tremendous commitment and passion. Dancers learn to put their all into their training and performances, and approach each class with a positive attitude and an openness to learning new things. 

At MALSD, our dance classes are about more than just teaching your child steps or a routine. We want to ensure that each child that enters our doors leaves as not only a better dancer, but a better person who has the determination and confidence to reach all of their goals.

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