Cultivate Your Child’s Love for Dance

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Unlock Your Child’s True Potential

You already know they’re capable of unbelievable things. The challenge is getting them to come out of their shell—which is what we’re here for.

We’ll provide them not only with world-class dance training, but also the support and encouragement they need to shine brighter than they ever thought possible.

No Matter the Style, We’ve Got You Covered

Whatever dance style your child is into, we have a class to help them master it.

Unlimited FREE Classes For The Month Of September

Here at MALSD we offer all students registered in one class the ability to try unlimited classes in other styles of dance in their age and ability level for the month of September.  1st Term payment must be paid for one class/week in order to qualify.  Ask MALSD staff for more details today!

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Cultivate Your Child's Love for Dance

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