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No Matter the Style, We’ve Got You Covered

Whatever dance style your child is into, we have a class to help them master it.

Class Information

4 Years Old and Up

Is your child a fan of smooth, graceful movements? Then they’ll surely love our ballet classes!

2 Years Old

The first step in cultivating your child’s love of dance, this class teaches placement, posture, coordination, rhythm, muscle memory, and group performance in a fun yet structured environment.

Dance Classes Mississauga
3 Years Old

The next phase in your child’s dance training, this class covers simple ballet steps, floor work, singing, mime, and deportment.

13 Years Old and Up

A masterful combination of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet, contemporary dance helps students become more well-rounded dancers through fluid movements.

Dance Classes Mississauga
4 Years Old and Up

This class requires students to use a wide variety of muscles to create a fun, energetic routine while improving coordination and developing a better sense of rhythm.

4 Years Old and Up

Drawing from many different dance techniques, this style of dancing is designed to help expand the range of movement and creative development of your child.

4 Years Old and Up

Does your child have dreams of one day performing in a production like Cirque du Soleil? This is the class for them! It’s designed to help them build the strength, muscle control, flexibility, and overall athleticism needed to deliver breathtaking acrobatic performances.

Dance Classes Mississauga
4 Years Old and Up

Designed to encourage teamwork and coordination, this class not only teaches students today’s hottest dance moves, but also provides them with an amazing workout.

Dance Classes Mississauga
Special Needs
4 Years Old and Up

Taught by a certified seasoned ECE and EA instructor, this class provides students a safe, positive environment to work on their coordination and muscle control while bonding with other kids.

Dance Conditioning
6 Years Old and Up

This class uses a mix of cardiovascular and flexibility exercises to help students build the endurance and mobility necessary to dance better and prevent injuries.

Turns and Jumps
8 Years Old and Up

Designed to complement our jazz, ballet, or contemporary classes, this program helps students build the strength, agility, and technique needed to flawlessly perform the turns and jumps that typically come with these dance styles.

Musical Theatre
4 Years Old and Up

As the name suggests, this class incorporates singing, acting, and improvisation with dancing to get students ready to perform mini-musicals such as Annie and Cats.

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