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What Our Clients Say

With each passing year, I continue to recognize the true talented instructors that leads this school. They teach each and every student that passes through the doors. As this year marks my oldest daughter’s 4th year and youngest 3rd Year at Marie Ann Longlade School Of Dance, they continues to come back from each class charged with a love and passion for dance. This admiration and devotion is thanks to The teachers and helpers! Continue your great work Marie Ann Longlade Staff- you are greatly loved!  

Stacey Augiar


Marie Ann Longlade School of Dance has been an amazing experience for my daughter. She has been dancing at the studio for 10 years now. She has tried many of the different styles of dance the studio offers (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and acro) throughout her dance career and is also part of the Part-Time Longlade Dance Company which gives her extra performance and competition opportunities. Competition season is one of the best highlights for her every year! MALSD is a smaller studio and is very family oriented, this is one of the main reasons my daughter loves it so much. Mrs. L and her team of teachers are talented and wonderful instructors. Every year, families get the opportunity to see all the hard work done by their children at the year-end Spring Melody performance presented at the Living Arts Centre. MALSD also offers dance exams for ballet, jazz and tap at the studio. It gives students a sense of accomplishment when they complete a level. The families and students at MALSD are very friendly – it’s no wonder the studio feels like a second home for my daughter!  

Janet Forgetta


Our daughters have gained another level of confidence in their growth by learning to be uncomfortable – through trial and error of learning new movements, through challenges of performing in front of others and through the ups and downs of teamwork as they learn group routines. They’re growing as young ladies, and dancing with MALSD is a big part of that growth.  

Tim Lai


My daughter started dancing at MALSD when she was three years old, and has loved it ever since. Her love of dance is the result of the wonderful learning environment that the studio provided for her as she grew up. All of the teachers are experienced, dedicated, and qualified. They treat each and every one of their students with respect and encouragement. The studio has taught her much more than dance. It has helped her develop valuable skills such as time management, self confidence, respect, and teamwork. My daughter has built long lasting relationships with her teachers as well as the other dancers, and MALSD is like our family!

Jemma Sookoo