Summer Classes 2022

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Summer Classes 2022

We are excited to share with you our schedule for summer classes! Based on your feedback, we will be offering a variety of classes on Thursday evenings for dancers 13 years and under. This will be a 7-week session running from the end of June to mid-August.

Please see below for schedule and pricing details. Registration can be completed online now! For more information, give us a call or come see us at the office. No experience is needed, so this is a great opportunity to try a new style, or to invite a friend to come join us!

7 Week Session – June 30th – August 11th 

Studio 1 

  • 5:30-6:15 Ballet (4 yrs. and under)
  • 6:15-7:15 (4-7 yrs. Combo Jazz/Ballet)
  • 7:15-8:00 (4-7 Acro)

Studio 2 

  • 6:30-7:30 (8yrs.+ Acro)
  • 7:30-8:30 (8yrs.+ Kicks, Jumps & Turns)


Event Details

June 30th – August 11th, 2022

During Class Time

Marie Ann Longlade School of Dance

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